Thursday, June 5, 2008

Here's Emy

Here are some pictures of the kids when we went to visit Grandma Miskin the last time
we where there. Grandma let them color and we made them headbands to wear. We
had fun.

Emy at the park here in brigham

We were working outside one day and
it wasn't all that nice out but Emy still got
sunburned. It didn't even faze her.

These last pictures were on a day when it was
finally a nice out
and we had a little picnic
outside in our front yard

Look how big Gracie is!!

Gracie is 5 months old now. Here
she is making a mess eating her

Gracie and Makenna after church on Sunday.

Britney was watching Gracie for me
and they fell asleep on her bed.

She loves to be in her swing.

How cute can she get?

Stefan and Gracie while we waited
for Corey to pick up his semi from
getting fixed.

She is now rolling over and loves to move
around now.

Stefan's 17th Birthday

We celebrated Stefan, Diane's and JC's birthday's at the
same time. We can't believe he's getting to be this big!! He only
has one more year of school to go too!!! He got some cords to hook
up his Zune to his radio and a fleece blanket. He also got a PS2
game and guidebook. I believe he enjoyed his gifts.

JC's 4th Birthday

Here are some pictures of him opening his gifts. He's hugging the orange bag because
it had a pop and some candy from mak's boyfriend lucas. He also got alot of CARS
themed gifts. Including a bed set and race track. It was nice enough so we took the
party outside.

JC really likes the CARS movie, so we went with the theme. I actually made him a McQween (SP? it's really late when i'm doing this) cake. He loved it.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Our trip home from Washington

We stopped by this small river that had quite the rapids going on.
Here are some pictures of Corey and I with JC. I wasn't feeling to
well so I don't look that great, but we had some fun.

Here Corey is teaching JC how to throw the rocks far, it was hard to

keep him from going to close to the water.

Stefan had stayed in the truck with Emy and
Gracie while I was out with Corey and JC,
then I let Stefan get out and have some fun too.
So, here I am with the girls in the truck.
Here is a picture of JC in front of the rapids.

Check out the video Corey
took of the rapids!!